Roadtrip Recap: Nevada, California and Hawaii

Our 8th USA roadtrip took place in the autumn/fall of 2017. We’re now at 45 outta 50 states, which is slightly blowing our minds, frankly!


We flew into Vegas, flew from LA to Kauai, from Kauai to Maui, Maui to San Diego and then from LA to London. We got to see a fair few different airports this time round and can confirm that Hawaiian airports are easily our favourite.


Our trip took in Las Vegas (two nights), Palm Springs (two nights), Kauai (four nights), Maui (four nights) and San Diego (two nights). This is a much more relaxed pace for us, but we were still sad to leave every single destination and could have had longer everywhere.


The trip was 1,748 miles long (in the car) and we passed the time, almost exclusively by listening to the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast; which if you haven’t heard yet is very very funny. And grim, but mostly funny.


This roadtrip took in only one new state. But as Hawaii is 2,500 miles from the contiguous 48 states, it was a bit tricky to get to!


We ate six Shave Ices between us, and could easily gave eaten more. We saw Britney Spears play a show in Vegas. We screamed at tarantulas crossing the road in the Mojave Desert. We drank cocktails at four separate Tiki Bars. Hannah fell into a cactus. Josh tried 54 new beers. We took a helicopter to the waterfall featured in Jurassic Park and as we descended to it, the Jurassic Park theme-tune played in our headphones and we nearly cried. OK we did cry. We saw Spinner Dolphins, a shark, turtles, flying fish, Love Birds, Java Finches, Portuguese Cardinals, wild boar, geckos, and about a zillion roosters and hens strutting around Hawaii. We lost count of how many Hawaiian waterfalls we saw. We drove 10,000ft to the top of a volcano. Josh gently held a sea urchin in his hand. We made it big in Hollywood, and by “made it big”, we mean we saw the sign with our own eyes.


On this trip we saw a whole new side of America. The wild, tropical and beautiful Hawaii – and we were totally smitten. Within seconds of arriving at Lihue airport, stepping out into the warm, fragrant air, seeing the incredible fauna and chickens wandering around absolutely everywhere, we knew Hawaii was an incredibly special, beautiful place and we are already desperate to return one day.


We’re getting really close to our target of visiting all 50 United States. We’re thinking we might visit Alaska next year – another wild and epic slice of the America we’re incredibly excited to explore. If you have any top tips please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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