Roadtrip Recap: Midwest USA

Our sixth roadtrip took place in the autumn (or Fall for our American readers) of 2016.

One of the beautiful sculptures along the Enchanted Highway

We flew in and out of Chicago O’Hare and had 14 fun-packed days and nights in the “middle bit” of America.

Hannah riding the Wall Drug Jack-a-Lope

Our trip took in: Milwaukee (2 nights), Madison (1 night), Minneapolis (1 night), Saint Paul (1 night), Fargo (1 night), Medora (1 night), Rapid City (2 nights), Mitchell (1 night), Lincoln (1 night), Omaha (1 night), Burlington, Iowa (1 night) and Indianapolis (1 night).

The bad-ass Badlands

Here’s a highly professional map showing you our route:

USART6 map

The trip was 3,450 miles long and we passed the time by listening (and being frankly hooked) to Serial and by reliving the 2012 American Election Campaign listening to ‘Double Down’. We also sang stupid songs and trash-talked one another.

Hannah's favourite Paul Bunyan

We took in 7 new states and returned to Illinois so we could eat a deep dish pizza in Chicago before our flight home. So dang cheesey.

One of the many many Beer Flights Josh consumed
One of the many many Beer Flights Josh consumed

We saw our first ever college football game and whooped and hollered along with the best of them. We ate 2 cheese beer soups – verdict: rich. We saw Willie Nelson and Michael Jackson rendered in corn at the World’s Only Corn Palace. Josh sampled 87 new beers: woof. We saw 31 billboards advertising Wall Drug on our way there. Hannah consumed pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin spiced martinis, pumpkin spiced macarons, pumpkin spiced ice-cream, pumpkin spiced pancakes, pumpkin spiced Oreos, pumpkin spiced milkshake AND pumpkin spiced bagels. But no actual pumpkin. We went bowling in Milwaukee and won one game each. We discovered people in the Mid West do really say “ooh yah” in the accents we’d previously heard in the Coen Brother’s “Fargo”. We thought we “mustard” been  dreaming when we saw the World’s Only Mustard Vending Machine in the National Mustard Museum. We squeaked with joy when we bumped into some squeaky prairie dogs in the Badlands. We saw the World’s Largest: buffalo, Holstein cow, six pack of beer and sculptures made of scrap metal. We slept on a boat on the Mississippi River. We saw 4 Paul Bunyans, his ladyfriend Lucette and buddy Babe the Ox in one day. We saw at least 6 dinosaurs (sculptures, we weren’t roadtripping in Jurassic Park, alas). Hannah rode a Jack-a-Lope and we walked amongst bats at Omaha’s amazing zoo. Oh and we finally got to see Mount Rushmore in the flesh, or in the granite, either way it did not disappoint!

The monumental Mount Rushmore
The monumental Mount Rushmore

We met the kindest, funniest, curious and most decent people. We’ve now both visited 42 states and continue to fall madly in love with America. With it’s spirit, ridiculous food portions and can-do attitude.

At a college football game - gooooo Badgers!

Yet again we’re already planning the next USA roadtrip, probably taking in Delaware and West Virginia. Any tips very welcome!


5 thoughts on “Roadtrip Recap: Midwest USA

  1. Love it, the kitsch on this trip was at a whole new level – got to love the mid-west 😀 Delaware is still on our list so would love to hear your plans when you get sorted

    1. I know! There were SO many roadside attractions – they were at once totally adorable and also very helpful (they broke up some of the longer drives…) so yeah, we loved them. We were amazed at how much we loved North Dakota – so, so quiet! – and cities like Milwaukee, Omaha and Lincoln were so “live-able”. We’d be very happy to share any Delware plans! Have you been away? So we need to drool all over YOUR Flickr photos?!

      1. We head off on Friday and I’m really ready for it just to happen now, it’s been just over a year since the last one! Going to spend some time tonight trawling through your photos.

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