Our 50 favourite USA experiences (so far…)

In less than two months we’ll be embarking on our sixth USA roadtrip – visting some of the “middle bit” of America – and taking us up to 42 states in total. We are just a teeny bit excited about this… ahem… and in the meantime we thought it would be fun to share the top American experiences we’ve had so far. So here, in no particular order, they are:

1. Taking in the knock-out views at the Top of the Rock, New York City. (New York)
2. Being wowed by the stunning colours of the Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park. (Wyoming)
3. “Leaf peeping” in New England. (Massachusetts)
4. Scoffing dreamy cheesy deep dish pizza in Chicago. (Illinois)
5. Feeling spooked in an Alcatraz jail-cell on a late night tour. (California)

Hello Windy City, you look so pretty!
Hello Windy City, you look so pretty!

6. Wandering around the utterly fabulous Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas. (Nevada)
7. Kicking back and listening to blues in the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale. (Mississippi)
8. Strolling along the National Mall. (Washington D.C.)
9. Laughing until we cried at The Bad Art Museum in Seattle. (Washington)
10. Spending a night sleeping inside the World’s Largest Beagle in the Dog Bark Park, Cottonwood. (Idaho)

Neon Boneyard
At the bright and brilliant Neon Boneyard.

11. Lighthouse spotting along the Cape Cod seashore. (Massachusetts)
12. Walking the High Line. (New York)
13. Gawping – and possibly crying – at the Grand Canyon. (Arizona)
14. Driving along the iconic Route 66 and stopping to see a giant Whale or a Golden Driller. (Oklahoma)
15. Eating (lots) and drinking (lots) in New Orleans. (Louisiana)

An impossibly cute lighthouse!
An impossibly cute lighthouse!

16. The first time we saw the jaw-dropping Yosemite Valley. (California)
17. Sipping cocktails on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building, Chicago. (Illinois)
18. The stunning sunrises & sunsets in Monument Valley. (Utah)
19. Strolling around Savannah’s squares dripping with Spanish Moss. (Georgia)
20.Scoffing donuts & beer in Portland. (Oregon)

The breathtaking Monument Valley
The breathtaking Monument Valley

21. Seeing (and hearing!) a Nascar race. (North Carolina)
22. Sampling incredible Texan barbecue. (Texas)
23. Honky-tonk-lovin’ at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. (Tennessee)
24. Catching a ball game. (Washington)
25. Eating the best Mac’n’Cheese of our young lives at Slow’s BBQ in Detroit. (Michigan)

A plate of Texan barbecue.
A plate of Texan barbecue.

26. Getting drunk & listening to live music in Austin. (Texas)
27. Walking around hilly San Francisco before hitting up a fantastic Tiki Bar. (California)
28. Trying to hug the giant sequoia trees and coastal redwoods. (California)
29. Swimming, OK lounging, in the boiling river in Yellowstone Park. (Wyoming)
30. Drinking ice-cold ‘Rita’s on the San Antonio river walk. (Texas)

The sweet neon sign outside the Continental Club in Austin..
The sweet neon sign outside the Continental Club in Austin..

31. Paying our respects to The King at Graceland, Memphis. (Tennessee)
32. Kicking back on the amazing La Push beach. (Washington)
33. Drifting through bayous spotting alligators and snapping turtles. (Louisiana)
34. The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls – the sweetest slice of Small Town America. (Massachusetts)
35. Eating fresh lobster on the waterside. (Maine)

Small Town America in Shelburne Falls.
Small Town America in Shelburne Falls.

36. Geeking out at Presidential Libraries such as the superb LBJ one in Austin. (Texas)
37. Hitting the beers in scuzzy (and awesome) Dive Bars; like E&O Tap in Providence. (Rhode Island)
38. Experiencing the moving and heartbreaking Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. (Oklahoma)
39. Ascending the Gateway Arch in St Louis. (Missouri)
40. Sipping along the Bourbon Trail. (Kentucky)

Bourbon! Bourbon! Bourbon!
Bourbon! Bourbon! Bourbon!

41. Spending a night in an Amish tree-house. (Ohio)
42. Feeling pretty spooked in a Ghost Town. (California)
43. Seeing the larger-than-life Paul Bunyans! (California)
44. Zooming up the Seattle Space Needle. (Washington)
45. Spending a night in a jail cell. Without getting arrested. (Kentucky)

The MASSIVE Paul Bunyan and his cow Babe.
The MASSIVE Paul Bunyan and his cow Babe.

46. Hiking the other-worldly landscape at Arches National Park. (Utah)
47. Walking in the footsteps of musical giants like Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis at Sun Studios, Memphis. (Tennessee)
48. Learning more about civil rights history in Martin Luther King Jr’s National Historic Site in Atlanta. (Georgia)
49. Taking in a movie at the Drive-in. (Georgia)
50. Driving the roads & discovering something new… (the whole of the U.S.A.)


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