Roadtrip Recap – Midwest and Texas

Our fourth roadtrip took place in late summer 2013.

We flew into Chicago and out of Houston and the trip lasted 2 weeks.


It took in:

Chicago (3 nights), Detroit (1 night), Berlin, Ohio (1 night), Bardstown, Kentucky (1 night), Louisville (1 night), St Louis (1 night), Memphis (1 night), Eureka Springs, Arkansas (1 night), Oklahoma City (1 night), Austin (2 nights), San Antonio (1 night).

Here’s another diabolical map showing our route:

Chicago to Houston

The trip took in 3,050 miles and meant we spent a sweet 40 hours listening to Johnny Cash and Ricky Gervais podcasts.

We took in 9 states.


We went to our first ever football game and saw the Chicago Bears win, we saw American Gothic, we chowed down on Deep Dish, we visited Goose Island Brewery and Josh drank a lot of craft beer, we enjoyed cocktails at the top of Hancock Tower, we slept in a treehouse, we went to the world’s largest Amish community, we visited a Creatonist Museum and saw depictions of dinosaurs and humans co-existing, we drank a lot of bourbon, we ate fried chicken in Kentucky, we saw the moment where the Mississippi and the Missouri river meet, we journeyed to the top of the St Louis Arch, we visited two Presidential libraries, we drove on Route 66, we saw the Grassy Knoll and the Book Depository, we ate giant Oklahoma steaks, we ate a TONNE of Texas barbecue, we saw a two-headed turtle called Thelma and Louise.


We put on a lot of weight. We had a dangerous amount of fun. We will return to the US of A. Just as soon as we can.


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