Roadtrip Recap: West Coast USA

Our third roadtrip took place in late summer 2012. It was our honeymoon.

We flew into Las Vegas McCarran airport and out of San Francisco International. The trip was a whopping three weeks.

Monument Valley

We took in:

Las Vegas (2 nights) – Grand Canyon (1 night) – Monument Valley (1 night) – Salt Lake City (1 night) – Yellowstone (1 night) – Missoula (1 night) – Cottonwood, Idaho (1 night) – Spokane (1 night) – Seattle (2 nights) – Forks (1 night) – Portland (2 nights) – Crater Lake (1 night) – Klamath (1 night) – Mendocino (1 night) – San Francisco (3 nights) – Yosemite (2 nights) – San Francisco

Here’s an exceedingly terrible map showing you our route:

roadtrip 3

The trip took in 5,000 miles. Equivalent to driving all the way to India from London. We spent 80 hours in the car together. It’s lucky we get on.

The longest drive was from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone – a sweet seven hour ride.

Las Vegas

Our car – the BEAST – was a Ford Explorer. It’s the biggest car Josh has ever driven.

We took in 9 states.


We got a free honeymoon upgrade to business class on the outbound flight and had the best flights of our lives, champagne during take-off people. We had jello-shots in Vegas. We shot guns for the first time. Josh was a sharp shooter, Hannah was surprised at how much she hated the experience. We ate our first ever crawfish. Hannah drank a lot of cocktails. We both nearly cried at how beautiful the Grand Canyon is. We woke up in time for sunrise four times, Hannah missed one sunrise. Josh saw a bear, Hannah didn’t. We both saw bison in Yellowstone. We saw our first-ever Mormons. Josh drank a lot of craft beer. We saw Old Faithful do her thing. We slept in a giant beagle. Hannah rode a carousel. We went to our first ball-game. We went up the Space Needle. We got a VIP tour of the Boeing factory which was ace. We went to the restaurant where Bella from Twilight went on her first-date with Edward. We got sloppy-drunk several times during the free-wine hours in hotels – thank you Kimpton. Josh ate a maple-and-bacon donut for breakfast. We couldn’t stop eating black-n-blue (blue cheese steaks). We slept in a former high-school. We drove through a tree. We cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge, Hannah enjoyed this more than Josh. We got drunk at a tiki-bar. We went to another bar where you needed a secret password to get in. We saw Willie Nelson live, he is amazing. We went to a ghost-town.

Dog Bark Park

We had the time of our lives. We decided that we would see all fifty states, whatever it takes.


2 thoughts on “Roadtrip Recap: West Coast USA

  1. Love this trip 🙂 Spookily our rental on our 2nd road trip in the U.S was called “The Beast”, we asked for a mid-sized SUV and got a giant 8 seater Chevy Tahoe, ridiculous. P.S I love the beagle 🙂

    1. It was really cool – we never wanted it to end! “The Beast” was truly beast-like – we usually get little tiddlers. An 8-Seater for two of you? Nuts! I was really great we did have the beast when we drove down that dirt-track to Bodie though!

      The beagle was easily the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in… although a weeny but of a detour. Ok ok.. so it was a massive detour. But SO worth it!

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