Roadtrip Recap – East Coast USA

We went on our first roadtrip in the Autumn/Fall of 2010.

We flew into and out of JFK Airport. Our trip lasted about 2 weeks.

Brooklyn Bridge

It went something like this:

New York – Atlantic City (1 night) – Baltimore (1 night) – Washington DC (4 nights)-
Bethlehem (1 night) – Woodstock (1 night) – Shelburne Falls (1 night) – Brewster (2 nights) – Connecticut (3 nights) – NYC (1 night).

Here’s a highly rudimentary map showing you the route:

East Coast Map

We reckon this trip covered about 1,640 miles and meant around 30 hours of being in the car.

We accidentally had the satnav set to “avoid freeways” until the penultimate drive of the holiday – this meant we very often took “the scenic route”.

The longest drive was between Atlantic City and Baltimore. We didn’t know it at the time but because our satnav was making us avoid freeways we ended up going on a hugely circuitous route which involved unexpectedly boarding a ferry. So what should have been a two and a half hour journey ended up taking over six hours. Oops.

New England

Our car was a Nissan Versa, so not exactly the Cadillac of our roadtrip-dreams!

We took in 7 states.

We ate our first ever lobster in Cape Cod.  We got engaged.  We supped oysters at the Wellfleet Oysterfest.  Josh discovered how tasty American craft beers are.  We made our own candy bars (Hannah’s was crap).  We saw a pooping-panda.  Hannah had a few cocktails.  We had Five Guys burgers for the first-ever time.  We had a go at acting as news anchors in the Newseum and concluded we were both terrible at it.  We leaf-peeped.  We saw Amish people for the first time.  We went up the top of the Empire State Building at midnight.  We saw a gig and a Broadway show but our cultural highlight was probably watching Ghostbusters and a barber-shop quartet at the small-town “Pothole Pictures” in Shelburne Falls.

Washington Monument

We discovered that we LOVE American roadtrips.  We vowed to return.


4 thoughts on “Roadtrip Recap – East Coast USA

    1. If we HAD to choose (don’t make me!) then I think we’d both go Five Guys. It’s the squishy buns. That said, In-N-Out are really great value. There’s a Shake Away which has opened in London – I’m yet to have one in the US – but this was also REALLY good. American burgers are just ridculously tasty. Which do you prefer? Gah. Tough question!

      Cape Cod was very beautiful – it’s where we got engaged so I want to go back on an wedding anniversary (when I’m a *bit* richer!) and spend some more time there…

  1. Five Guys is my first love in the burger world, their cajun fries are so bloomin good!! They’ve just opened one in Covent Garden and we’re seriously thinking about a trip to London just to go.

    Cape Cod is such a beautiful place to get engaged 🙂

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