Roadtrip Recap – Deep South USA

Our second roadtrip took place in the Autumn/fall of 2011.

We flew in and out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. It’s a really crummy airport. Our trip lasted 2 weeks.

Spanish Moss

It took in:

Atlanta (2 nights) – Savannah (1 night) – Charleston (1 night) – Charlotte (1 night) – Bryson City (1 night) – Nashville (2 nights) – Memphis (1 night) – Clarksdale (1 night) – New Orleans (2 nights) – Andalusia (1 night) – Atlanta

Here’s one of our famously terrible maps to give you an indication of the route:

Deep South Map

This trip took in 2,200 miles resulting in 35 hours of in-car banter between us.

The longest drive was from Clarksdale to New Orleans and we broke it up by stopping for hog and a shake in Natchez.

Our first car was Chevrolet Aveo until the windscreen cracked and we got a trusty Nissan Versa instead. The latter car being marginally less rubbish than the first.

A sign at the Juke joint chapel

We took in 7 states.

We got to go to Graceland.  We went to our first ever drive-in movie.  Hannah drank a lot of cocktails. We had our first ever proper barbecue, sweet Lord.  We got pulled over by the cops for speeding.  We went slow after that.  We got smashed on the free-wine hour at the hotel in Charleston and ended up in bed by 9pm.  We learnt lots about the civil rights movement.  We ate the hottest chicken of our lives.  Josh drank every single available soda in Coca Cola World and somehow wasn’t sick.  We went to our first-ever NASCAR race.  We slept in a shack.  We saw and ate gators.  We discovered we love bluegrass.

Memphis Style BBQ Ribs

Our love for American roadtrips grew ever stronger.


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