State Six: Massachusetts

bridge of flowers
The beautiful and fragrant Bridge of Flowers

Massachusetts turned out to be absolutely dreamy, and not just because it’s the place where we got engaged. It was beautiful, genteel and the eating was very very good indeed.

We landed first in Shelburne Falls, a teeny place nestled in the Berkshire Hills where we soaked up the small-town living.  After walking across the famous and adorable Bridge of Flowers and gazing upon the glacial potholes we wrote postcards in the chemist whilst we drank from the soda-bar.  We had amazing chowder for lunch in a small cafe on main street and later enjoyed a nostalgia-filled evening of barbershop quartet and Ghostbusters courtesy of Pothole Pictures. Seriously that film never gets old.

An old building in Deerfield
Historic Deerfield

We slept in a gorgeous paisley wallpapered room at the Dancing Bear guesthouse where the breakfasts were huge and utterly delicious. It was hard to wrench ourselves away from this sweet, welcoming little town and so en route to Cape Cod we popped into historic Deerfield to see beautifully preserved historic buildings and peep at some more leaves.

In Cape Cod we stopped for a little while at Sandwich were we lazed by the lake and watched the geese before pushing on to to the Old Manse Inn in Brewster where we stayed a couple of nights. Be warned, the Inn has a ridiculously cute dog. Brewster is a great base from which to explore Cape Cod. It was a 25 minute walk from the Inn to a quiet beach where we watched the sun set and tasted the salty air. Brewster has it’s own General Store, built in 1852 and now home to creaky wooden floors and all kinds of bric-a-brac like the lobster cookie cutter which we just had to buy.

sunset beach
Beach at sunset

During our stay we just so happened to be in town for the Wellfleet Oysterfest and so, like hundreds of others who’d descended in search of the town’s famous molluscs, we wandered the raw bars and watched the shucking, slurping up a few oysters ourselves.  As well as oysters we ate creamy clam chowder in Provincetown and buttery soft lobster at the Lobster Claw – developing a new appreciation for the fruits of the sea.

Wellfleet Oysters

Provincetown was a bohemian, gay-friendly, kitsch seaside destination all cocktail bars, saltwater taffy and souvenir shops and was lots of fun. We saw beautiful lighthouses throughout Cape Cod, like the one at Chatham and had lot of fun exploring the gorgeous coast.  We caught a movie at the Wellfleet Drive-in where they also have a flea market and generally enjoyed the good life. We heartily recommend it.

Rate the State:

Good for: Seaside and seafood, big skies, fall colours, pretty architecture.

Bad for: It’s hard to leave. Cape Cod is pretty pricey.

Overall: 9/10


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