As a fan of motor racing, Indianapolis has a special place in Josh’s heart, and although we weren’t able to attend the iconic Indy 500 race, fortunately Indiana’s state capitol has plenty to offer the rest of the year too! We had actually passed through Indiana a couple of times on a previous trip but […]

After being pleasantly surprised by the understated delights of Nebraska, we pushed on to spend a single night in the Hawkeye State. Like me, you might not know all that much about this “flyover state”. I had heard of the Iowa State Fair – due to it becoming a must-visit for presidential candidates, but beyond […]

The Big 4-0. We’re into the 40s and it feels like we’re really getting there now! As with many of the Midwestern states, when we told people we’re going to Nebraska the reaction was somewhat muted. No one really knows what Nebraska is all about. Well, as is often the case, people don’t know what […]

After the desolate beauty of North Dakota – long empty roads, giant fields of sunflowers and what felt like more prairie dogs than people – South Dakota, the Mount Rushmore State, felt like it was positively brimming with attractions. But S.D. is still a huge, wild and exciting place; with more kitsch tourist spots than […]

Oft-cited as the least visited State in the Union (it isn’t quite, but it is a way down the list), North Dakota isn’t the most common spot for European tourists like ourselves. Is that fair? Absolutely not – this place is a not-so-hidden gem with bags of character and stuff to see. It’s not hyperbole […]

If you saw the instagrams or tweets we posted during the Minnesota leg of our ‘Midwest America’ roadtrip you might be forgiven for exclaiming “who the heck is Paul Bunyan?” because we just happened to bump into four of the hirsute, plaid-clad giants during our drive around the ‘Land of 10,000 lakes’. We also saw […]

One major downside of being Brits and trying to visit all fifty states of the USA is that we can only venture across the pond once a year. So 13 months after our last wonderful trip to some of the New England states we were exploding with excitement as we began road trip number six, […]